Rigorous standards for laboratory and medical technology result in the highest quality in every aspect. Continuous quality controls and strict guidelines for quality assurance play a significant role in each stage of the production process.

CARE diagnostica was certified for ISO 9001 and EN 46001 from1996-2004. From January 2005 the company's quality management system has been certified according to ISO 13485:2003 through the Notified Body 0483 (MDC). This guarantees that both our internal and external quality control processes for production and service provision will benefit our customers, and will be in line with international and European industry standards.

Virtually all our products, with the exception of a few special export items, conform totally to the CE guidelines for in-vitro diagnostics and all European industry standards. Regular controls and audits guarantee that we adhere to these guidelines.

The extremely high standard that we set for our products and service, as well as quality assurance and quality management processes, certainly pays off. Our good name is founded on quality; we hardly ever receive a complaint.