The Millennium

2000 German Chancellor, Gerhard Schröger, visits Voerde.
World-wide introduction of CARE healthcare testing products for home use.
Export & Innovation prize from the province of Lower Austria

2000 CE certification

2001 Export & Innovation prize from the province of Lower Austria, Chemical Trade.          Ritter-von-Ghegha Prize from the province of Lower Austria Chamber of Commerce.
Anogher new, innovatice product - chlamyCARE-C came on the market.

2002 Took part in Colon Cancer Month March, a Felix Burda Foundation initiative More innovatice products - streptoCARE-A, streptoCARE-B and tropoCARE-I - introduced to the market

2003 Subsidiary in the UK established by Mr. Mazher Farooqui.
Colon Cancer Month March 2003.

Acceleration of world-wide-exports for health testing kits.

2004 New product: menoCARE-C; Export & Innovation prize of the province of Lower Austria

2005 Certified to ISO13485:2003 

2006 helicoCARE direct introduced to the market - product-presentation on the medica 2006 in Düsseldorf.

2007 ÖGGH Conference  - in Burgenland - first time presentation of the long-term study with ImmoCARE-C a few days later there was the press conference about the long-term study in the sky bar Vienna

2008 25 years CARE diagnostica GmbH. We celebrate at the 11th of September 2008 on the premisis of CARE, at the same day the new research tract has been adepted.

2009 New product: Chlamydia Home Use Test; CE-certificated