viola (EARLY)Pregnancy Test

with week determination

viola stands for clinically proven pregnancy tests, which determine a pregnancy from a concentration of the hormone hCG of more than 12 lU/L (Early Pregnancy Test) or 25 lU/L (Pregnancy Test). The unique test design guarantees simple, reliable and hygienic use.

The concentration of the hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropine) increases steadily after conception, allowing an determination of the pregnancy week. Due tu extra-accurate calibration it is possible to match the test line intensity of viola Pregnancy Test and viola Early Pregnancy Test to a specific value of hCG which is typical for a certain time after conseption.

The test is performed in the same way as the viola Pregnancy Test and the viola Early Pregnancy Test without week determination. If the test shows a positive result after five minutes and you want to estimate the pregnancy week, it is possible to match the intensity of the test line to the chart.

This method for pregnancy determination is environmentally friendly (no battery needed); patent pending.

Your advantages:

  • week determination
  • environmentally friendly
  • patent pending
  • reliable - simple - fast


1 test stick
instruction for use

Sample type: Urine

Methodology: immunological quick test

Evidence: Pregnancy incl. week determination

Order numbers:

Pregnacy Test with week determination: 972800

Early Pregnancy Test with week determination: 972862