Super Early Pregnancy test

Which advantage does the viola Super Early Pregnancy Test provide?

This viola test detects pregnancy from an hCG concentration of 5 IU hCG/l and thus provides an indication of pregnancy at the very earliest stage. Therefore it is a suitable test to be used even before your period is due (i.e. about 8 days after sexual intercourse).


Which hormone is measured?
The hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) level in urine of a healthy, non-pregnant woman is below 3 IU/L (international units per litre). During pregnancy, the hCG level increases right from the first few days following conception and reaches values of about 230000 IU/l by the 10th week of pregnancy.


How is the test performed?
The end of the test stick is held under a light flow of urine for 2-3 seconds or dipped in a cup where urine was collected. The test is evaluated after 10-15 minutes referring to the information overleaf.

Early-morning urine should be used, due to the highest concentration of the pregnancy hormone hCG at this time of day.


What does the result tell?
This test provides an indication of pregnancy as soon as your urine contains 5 IU hCG/l. Although it is extremely accurate, a false result may arise in very rare instances. There are manifold influences in this early stage of pregnancy e.g. very diluted urine, slow increase of hCG, infertility treatment or tumors. The test is offered as double-pack in order to provide the highest certainty.


Super early result

This pregnancy test is twice as sensitive compared to others and detects pregnancy even before your period is due, already from day 8 after insemination.


Certainty within 15 minutes! There is no earlier way to attain certainty.


2 test sticks (foil wrapped)
Instruction for use

Sample type: Urine

Methodology: Immunological quick test

Evidence: Pregnacy

Order number: 973005