Cholesterol Health Care Test

Why is this test important to me?
A high cholesterol level is a risk factor for hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), stroke and cardiac arrest. This cholesterol test gives you a reliable estimate of whether your overall cholesterol level is within normal limits.

How do I perform the test?
Prick your finger quickly and easily with the micro-lancet to obtain a drop of blood. Place a drop of blood on the test strip and wait for three minutes. Match the color on the test strip with the disc and read off your cholesterol level.

What does the result tell me?
An overall cholesterol level of up to 200 mg/dl (5.2 mmol/l) is the normal level for adults. If your reading is higher, please visit your doctor for a medical check-up as soon as possible.

What are the effects of a high cholesterol level?
If the cholesterol level in the blood remains persistently high, deposits on the walls of the blood vessels cause arteriosclerosis. This disease develops unnoticed over decades. However, it can be detected and treated in time if diagnosed at an early check-up.

How high are my chances of developing high cholesterol?
Foods with high fat and cholesterol content, a hypoactive thyroid, badly managed diabetes, chronic liver disease or long-term use of various medication such as the pill or diuretics can lead to increased cholesterol levels. What's more, there is a very strong link with so-called 'familial hypercholesterolaemia'.

Where can I get this test?
For information about where you can get your test please contact our partner in your country.


1 test disc (foil wrapped)
1 micro-lancet
Instruction for use

Sample: 1 drop of whole blood (50 ul)

Methodology: Enzymatic quick test for visual evaluation

Evidence: Whole cholesterol (LDL & HDL) level

Order number: 970264