Due to the oxidation process there is a natural limit to how effective the Guaiac method for diagnosing bowel cancer can be. Cross-reactions with non-specific oxidases in food - especially likely if the patient has not complied with dietary instructions - lead to an inaccurate and therefore unreliable result.

With immoCARE-C - a new testing method for the detection of human haemoglobin in the stool sample based on sensitive antibodies - eating restrictions are no longer necessary, either before or during the testing period. This achieves greater compliance along with improved accuracy. Clinical trials have shown that by lowering the required level of evidence (i.e. the amount of haemoglobin present in the stool) the success rate of polyp detection more than doubles. What's more, this makes it a particularly effective testing method for early detection.

The sampling of the stool using a buffer in a pre-filled sample container is both more hygienic and user-friendly. The tip of the container is broken off and some of the sample mixture placed on the sample field of the test cassette. The result (purple lines) is easy to read in the result field, and is no longer influenced by the colour of the stool itself.

The advantages:

  • Result visible in only 5 minutes
  • immoCARE-C detects exclusively human haemoglobin
  • Simple evaluation according to positive/negative principle
  • No false result due to dietary influences
  • Doubled..PPV*
  • Doubled diagnostic sensitivity*

* in comparison with the Guaiac method

New packaging

The user-friendly packaging for hospitals and clinics enables the user to remove the test components for the laboratory and ward respectively with one movement. One part of the packaging contains the test cassette for evaluation; the other contains the sample container and patient information, which can be easily given to the patient.

Contents:25 test sets comprising1 test cassette1 sample bottle for stool collectionPatient informationUser instructions

Sample volume: 15 mg
Evidence: Human haemoglobin
Methodology: Quick immunochromatographic test
Sample type: Stool

REF: 003630