combiCARE chlamy-strepB

Rapid immunoassay for the detection of Group B Streptococci and Chlamydia trachomatis. Two main infections affecting newborn babies can be ruled out without having to perform multiple smears.

Infections with Chlamydia trachomatis and Streptococci B are among the most relevant and most dangerous pathogens affecting newborn babies. Infections with group B Streptococci alone account for around 40 % of neonatal infections occurring during the first three days of a newborn baby's life. Early detection of these infections can prevent severe complications for the baby like pneumonia or even a septic shock. Now you can easily detect both bacteria antigens directly with CARE's combination cassette of chlamyCARE-C and streptoCARE B.

What is unique about combiCARE? Both test strips work on the same buffer solution, making only one sampling necessary for both determinations.

Just like the singular chlamyCARE-C and streptoCARE B tests, no incubation is necessary for combiCARE chlamy-strepB. The box optionally contains the swabs for sampling (vaginal or urethral swabs)



20 test-sets

Sample type: vaginal, cervical or urethral swab

REF: 490320-20-E without swabs
REF: 490321-20-E
incl. 40 cervical/vaginal swabs
REF: 490322-20-E incl. 20 urethral swabs

available separately:
REF: 070225 sterile swabs for women x 50

REF: 070221
sterile swabs for men x 50