The detection of the hLH level with an immunological test is significantly more specific and can be used at an earlier date, in contrast to the temperature-based method. The cause of ovulation, the increase in the hLH hormone, can be detected reliably within minutes using this one-step test.

The result is made visible using 2 lines. The test is valid for a minimum concentration of 30 mlU hLH/ml in the urine, as long as the result line is at least as strong as the reference line (semi-quantitative method).

This CE-certified test is available in CARE's unique cassette form. Each test cassette can be labelled with the patient's name and can therefore be filed more efficiently. Each test cassette comes with easy-to-handle, disposable pipettes, which enables the test to be performed hygienically.

The ovulation test is also available in the form of an efficient, time-saving test strip (under the name ovuCARE). The test strip is held in the urine sample itself, eliminating the use of a pipette.


10 test sets

each comprising

1 test cassette

1 pipetteDoctor instructions

Sample volume: 100 µl
Evidence: hLH
Methodology: Quick immunochromatographic test
Sample type: Urine

REF: 050100