As the first one-step pregnancy test viola set the standard and established itself successfully as the market leader in the German-speaking market. Since then the name 'viola' has been associated with quality and reliability by numerous users testing for pregnancy.

Due to continuous improvement in sensitivity the detection level for this pregnancy test has been reduced to 25 mlU hCG/ml, whichm when converted, equates to the concentration of hCG at the time when the period is due. To achieve consistent user quality each production batch is compared with the 3rd WHO standard to ensure it reaches this level of evidence.


  • small sample volumes
  • high sensitivity 25 mlU hCG/ml



25 test sets, each comprising1 test cassette and 1 pipetteUser instructions

Sample volume: 100 ul
Evidence: hCG
Methodology: Quick immunochromatographic test
Sample type: urine

REF: 050211