viola EARLY-C

As the first one-step pregnancy test viola set the standard and established itself successfully as the market leader in the German-speaking market. Since then the name 'viola' has been associated with quality and reliability by numerous users testing for pregnancy.

Continuous improvement to the testing method has resulted in a reduction in the detection limit with violaEARLY-C to 12 mU hCG/ml. This means that pregnancy can be detected 7-12 days after conception. This is an innovation in as far a pregnancy can be detected at the lowest possible level at which a pregnancy is indicated. To achieve consistent user quality each production batch is compared with the 3rd WHO standard to ensure it reaches this level of evidence. ViolaEARLY-C is available as a test cassette with pipette.


25 test sets, each comprising 1 test cassette and 1 pipette User instructions

Sample volume: 100 ul
Evidence: hCG
Methodology: Quick immunochromatographic test
Sample type: urine

REF: 050210