The rapid screeing test for detecting antibodies against helicobacter pylori has been examined in an extensive comparative study with histology, ELISA and RUT (Rapid Urease Test).

Due to positive results, the use of helicoCARE can be recommended as a screening test. Without the use of complex equipment, within a few minutes it is possible to obtain information on the existance of helicobacter pylori. In this way, the use of antibiotics can be reduced and the high number of antibiotic prescribtions to uninfected patients can be avoided.

lgG of H. pylori can be detected in whole blood, serum or plasma by immunochromatographical method within a few minutes. 


  • detection within a few minutes
  • sensitivity: 85,7%
  • specificity: 97,9%

Clinically tested!



25 test sets compromising 1 test cassette, 1 pipette, 1 lancet, 1 buffer solution & user instruction

Sample volume: 50 ul blood + 300 ul buffer solution
Evidence: Helicobacter Pylori
Methodology: Quick immunochromatographic test
Sample type: blood, serum or plasma

REF: 050300