viola GREEN


The Pregnancy Tests for environment-conscious customers

Available versions:
• Pregnancy Test
• Pregnancy Test with Week Determination
• Early Pregnancy Test
• Early Pregnancy Test with Week Determination

What makes viola GREEN unique?

The box is made from high-quality recycling carton, which consists of more than 90% of recycled fibres. Our suppliers hold the FSC certificate, the Austrian Ecolabel or they manufacture climate compensated. In order to protect the color the box is sealed with water soluble varnish.

The test device is manufactured from polylactate, a biomaterial which does not harm the living organisms in your environment. We also decided to resign from coloring, that’s why the test device is colorless.

No waste of material
The construction of the test is as thin as possible in order to economize material. Unlike other tests, the urine sample goes directly on the test strip so the usage of a filter can be avoided. Furthermore we resigned from a plastic cap which would use additional material.

Usage of solar energy
We have installed a photovoltaic plant for the power generation in order to be able to cover the whole electricity consumption by solar energy.

Local production
Our facility is equipped with all resources to be able to manufacture high quality products and to refrain from cut-price imports.

Conclusion: The concept of viola GREEN is innovative, unique and contributes to the protection of our environment. We would be glad if you support us on this way because nothing is more natural than a pregnancy.

1 test stick, instruction for use
Immunochromatographic rapid test
12 mIU hCG/ml or 25 mIU hCG/ml
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Order number: 

viola GREEN Pregnancy Test: 970110-ÖKO
viola GREEN Pregnancy Test with Week Determination: 972800-ÖKO
viola GREEN Early Pregnancy Test: 970202-ÖKO
viola GREEN Early Pregnancy Test with Week Determination: 972862-ÖKO