viola Ovulation Test


This test serves as support for family planning by providing reliable results with regard to if and when an ovulation takes place. The ovulation is the moment when one of both ovaries releases an ovum into the fallopian tube where it is capable of being fertilised for only a few hours. The ovulation is triggered by a sudden increase of the hormone hLH (human luteinizing hormone) at mid-cycle.

Women of childbearing age have an hLH-value in urine of 3-15 mU hLH/ml. This value rises about 24 hours before the ovulation up to 200 IU/L. The Ovulation Test helps to identify this increase.

As sperms are able to survive in the female body for several days and as they need time to travel to the ovum, the best time for potentially successful intercourse starts with the hLH-increase.

One test kit contains 5 tests which should be used on five consecutive days. The attached disc enables optimal identification of the testing period.

We do not recommend using this test as a contraceptive.

5 test sticks (foil wrapped), 1 disc, instruction for use
Immunochromatographic rapid test
Time of ovulation
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How is the test performed?

Easy to use - simply hold the test stick in the urine stream or in a cup with collected urine for 3 seconds. The result can be read off after 5 minutes.

What does the result tell you?

The top line (control line) expresses that the test has been performed correctly. If two lines appear and the top line is thicker than the bottom one, the fertile days are not reached yet. Two equally thick lines or a thicker test line indicate maximum fertility.